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Cheapest furniture moving company
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the woods:

We use the barriers made of thin and wide wood to separate some pieces of furniture and to increase safety and to reduce the concussion and friction, which ensures your attendance of furniture access in its original condition without any effects of friction, in addition to the use of wooden bases for some household appliances to keep them from any friction even 1% There are some wooden boxes that we use in the packaging of some metal tools for the kitchen and other tools that we designed boxes to suit their sizes and composition to ensure better storage and transport.
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Carton envelopes are one of the most used materials after the internal packaging of furniture. This ensures that your furniture is kept from any kind of external friction, in addition to keeping it from any outside factors during storage operations in order to preserve the external crust from the climate factors if storage is inside your own premises. If in Al-Forsan company, we adjust the temperature to suit the materials manufactured, including furniture, in addition to the use of cardboard envelopes to reach the highest levels of safety.
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The cork is one of the most important safety factors in transport and storage because it absorbs shocks and preserves the entire furniture of large sizes, which makes us use it in various forms such as the reinforcement of the barriers between the furniture and the corners of the boxes and the reinforcement of the bases and covers of wooden boxes and cardboard We guarantee maximum protection for all pieces of furniture, whatever their size or weight.
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