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Rain, fun and celebration of Independence with disabled children by weRR

India celebrated 69th Independence day and so do the weRR. Every Independence Day, since inception of “weRoyal Riders” , we plan “Independence Day Ride” along with some contribution towards the humanity in various way. We believe even smallest act of us can make big difference for many. Last year’s Independence Day Ride was about spending a day and organizing lunch for Blind Student of “Soordas Blind Academy, Keetham” also known as Surkuti.

This year after short ride in the city and paying our regards to martyrs of India’s freedom fight, we again visited Surkuti to distribute gift packets to all the disciple of blind school. When we reminded them about our last year’s visit, they promptly recalled it were happy to hear from us again.

This year, the plan was to spend quality time with these kids and make them feel privileged through various activities however, as we reached their place, it started raining profoundly and everything was drenched. Though rain disrupted our plans but it can’t deter us from visiting this place again to carry out them some other time. Nevertheless, this years Independence Day celebration and Ride was again a memorable event for all of us.

We hope to continue such activities through our group, they could be small but they are serves us great inspiration for bigger cause.

Meanwhile, see the pictures of the 15th Aug Ride by weRoyal Riders – Motorcycling Club of Agra.

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