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Agra Style Breakfast at GMB Gopika Restaurant – Short Review

On last Sunday meet, Riders were really exhausted and as well as hungry as it was time get proper breakfast. Randomly we decided to go for GMB Restaurant on Fatehabad Road for the breakfast.

Delicious Lassi

Delicious Lassi

It was a hot summer day, by 9:15 am or so, when we reached GMB Restaurant, was already touching 40 degree Celsius temperature outside. GMB has stalls in open and then as you go inside, they have a confectionery section and then fine-dining area. It was simple yet colorful fine-dining area with air conditioning. As we reached, there were already bunch of people waiting for their orders to be served.

Looking at their menu, it was a typical Agra style with regular stuff you may find in an average Agra Restaurant. Today, we were here only for breakfast, though in the menu there were several choices but for Breakfast they had only Raj Kahori and Poori Platter available. In beverages, only Lassi was available out of many listed. Hence to cater around 13 people we ordered platter for each along with Lassi. The platter consisted of Raita, some Poori (kind of fried bread), 2 Sabzi (cooked vegetable with gravy), a small portion of Jalebi (sweets) and some pickle. For health conscious, it may not look great as Poori are prepared by deep frying into pure Ghee or clarified butter and sabzi are generally very speicy. But this is the typical Breakfast you get in morning in Agra and region around.

Delicious Lassi and other Beverages.

Delicious Lassi and other Beverages.

There was delay in serving the food, it took them more than half hour to start serving. However, the breakfast we are talking here is kind of fast food in Indian sense, typically it should be served within 5-10 minutes. Though there was delay, the food served was tasty, was pure ghee (desi ghee) preparation which is considered best among us ie. Indians.

The pumpkin veg dish was little sweet but average in taste, the other main vegetable preparation was I guess Paneer Aloo tasted good. Galebies were however very small and not exciting. The raita served was regular raita. But all this was full-filling, the platter was more than enough for an average person.

Traditional Agra Style Morning Breakfast

Traditional Agra Style Morning Breakfast

Now we were waiting for the Lassi, which was again delayed, could be due to the number of customer they had at that time. But wait for the Lassi was worthy, as the lassi served in earthen pot glass was very delicious and refreshing. It was one of the finest Lassi we had tested recently in any restaurant in Agra and this Lassi actually washed away all bad environment created due to delay in serving.

Overall, a good typical Agra style restaurant with nothing much special. I hope they can improve on their management as well house keeping as we also noticed some sort of mis-management in their work area.

Overall, we give it 3/5 as overall rating and we would love to visit it again hoping that this time all items they mentioned in the menu are available. Price wise, its not very costly , nor cheap but definitely costly than typical breakfast in Agra.

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