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Harshpal Singh Sethi



Harsh is an epitome of pure Sikhs. A father of twin daughters, he is a simple minded religious family man, that every wife dreams of. An avid listener of Punjabi music, he is a budding singer too.

He is a member of WeRoyal Riders since 2010, and is active both in riding and social welfare work of the club. This hard working self made Punjabi puttar, is a dealer of spring leaf suspension for trucks and buses, apart from several distributorships of other products.

He Rides UCE 350 Thunderbird, which he picked in 2010.
How he earns his fuel: Dealer of spares for commercial vehicles.
His most memorable Rides: Khajuraho 2013, Rider Mania Nagpur 2016

About Himanshu Bansal

Himanshu is essentially a maverick, and a wanderer at heart. He is one of the co-founders of WeRoyal Riders Club and apart of Riding, he is also blessed with good writing and communication skills.

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