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weRoyal Riders at Sheroes Hangout – Stop Acid Attacks and Support

Like many other social activities for special cause, today was another important day for weRoyal Riders, today our group made association with some special people. These people were common once but no more, they have faced a trauma which can’t be explained in words. They are the survivors of Acid Attacks, after surviving such a tragic incident, for most of them its end of life but an initiative from Chaanv NGO which started with a documentry turned into a self sustained Idea is changing they way people think and making such surviver self dependent and above all, more confident and cheerful.

Sheroes and weRR

Sheroes and weRR

The idea was to operate a chain of Cafe where you can do things your way maintained by these survivers.

Today weRoyal Riders associated with them and promised them to support in best possible way from promotion and awareness about this campaign to providing any kind of assistance they ever need from us. We are looking forward for more and more people to join us and help in the cause.

Some of the Acid Attack Victim with weRoyal Riders Members..

Some of the Acid Attack Victim with weRoyal Riders Members..

As per Sheroes, they will provide services like :

Food and Snacks: Ofcourse you can chill out at Shoreos Cafe with choice of your snacks or food.

Readers’ Cafe: The hangout houses an ever-growing (through contributions) library, so pick your read, before you take the table.

  • The Readers Hangout at Sheroes

    The Readers Hangout at Sheroes

  • And the real talks.

    And the real talks.

Activism workshop: The activism workshops at Sheroes Hangout are aimed at training girls to use computers and other gadgets and helping them utilise social media as a real tool of empowerment and outreach. Programmes based on basic legal awareness, judicial and political procedures, cinema, art & culture and gender issues keep the workshops engaging and lively.

Handicrafts & Exhibition Space: The idea is to organize gatherings like poetry and book readings, jewellery and other design exhibits to engage Sheroes in a constructive activity, while also generating funds to run this space.

Above all they don’t have any fixed price, you can hangout and pay as much you want or you think is good. Ofcourse, whatever you pay will go to the welfare of the Acid Attack Victims apart of taking care of costs of running the hangout like Electricity Bill, Rent, Internet and so on.

If you wish to help or participate in the cause then you can contact us here or them on their FB/SheroesHangout or on their website sheroeshangout.com

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2 thoughts on “weRoyal Riders at Sheroes Hangout – Stop Acid Attacks and Support

  1. Amit

    A great initiative, implementing the intensions into something concrete is the need of the hour. Most of us talk, but we need to walk that talk. We don’t need big plans, big finances, big pockets.. just big hearts.. the rest falls into place… keep the momentum going…let the intentions not fade away…. cheers!!