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Annual International Helmet Awareness Day(IHAD) -12 July 2015

Helmets are integral part of riding, they are as important as fuel in your bike but people consider them just as another accessory for bike. A true Rider understand its value but yet we see many , yes many people riding without helmet. Seeing many such examples there is an initiative which originally came from equestrian world but is equally valid on Motorcycle Riding. From year 2010, there is annual event for International Motorcycle Riding Awareness which started as aftermath of a accident of Olympic dressage rider Courtney King-Dye.

Image only for representation.

Image only for representation.

As said, the event started from equestrian world which is about horse riding but it is equally dangerous as when you are riding an horse, you are about 13 feet above the ground. As per statistics, there are on average equal number of injuries from Motorcycle accident as well Horse riding any given hour worldwide.

Neverthless, this even has gain traction worldwide, yet here we are , an Indian MotorCycling Group discussing about this event. The cause of event is noble and hence are we also in support for it. Though this event also serves commercially somewhere as various helmet manufactures takes part in it but again, if you have good helmet, there are increased chances that you are going to use it more often (even if you are among those who avoid helmets).

Because helmets are not only associated with safety of Motorcycle Riding, they are also part of safety of various other sports including but not limited horse riding, skiing and even car racing. Helmets not only gives you safety, in many cases it also enhances your efficiency, for example when you are riding, helmet gives you lots of protection from wind, dust as well as provides an aerodynamic instance. Therefore its a request for every rider and sports person to develop habit of wearing helmet during their activities and spread these words all over.

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Ride Safe.

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