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Cramster Flux – Perforated Summer Riding Gloves – Rider’s Review

We review the Cramster Flux summer riding gloves today.

Priced at INR 1650 online, we purchased these from Karol Bagh Delhi at 10% discount. The Flux is one of the several riding gloves offered by Cramster. It’s recommended use is for city riding in summers.

Construction: These are light weight, all leather gloves with full perforation on the knuckle side. The leather is soft and therefore the gloves require very little break in time. Although it has double layer leather on areas subjected to road abrasions, but the protection looks flimsy and insufficient. The knuckle protection is fused within the glove, which makes it look aesthetically correct. Gloves have a slight extension towards the wrist which helps in slipping on the gloves and may perhaps protect the wrist in case the rider meets an incident. Stitching looks better than ordinary.

Flux Summer riding gloves by Cramster

Flux Summer riding gloves by Cramster

Real world test: Our first and foremost advice to anyone is to try out any motorcycle riding glove before buying them. Each company have their own size chart, but nothing is more practical than trying them in person. Because an ill fitting glove will greatly compromise control over the vehicle. Ideally the glove should be snug and airy. The Flux is a fair compromise in this regard. Although the rest of the glove fits well, the thumb section is a bit loose and thus a bit uncomfortable. While on the move, these gloves remain cool and airy, but even a stop at the light would want you to take them off. However this is more a weather related issue than anything else. Although they seem to offer good value for money, but the same cannot be said for the protection they offer.

Issues if any: Apart from slight fitting issues, one major concern with these are that they bleed colour. Which means you will have your hands all black after a short city ride during summers. Of course during winters they will not be the right choice because of the perforation on the top.

Verdict: The Flux is fair option for occasional weekend riders. We would also suggest you to check out the Royal Enfield short gloves and Continental GT short gloves for your city riding purpose.

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