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Royal Enfield sales beats Harley Davidson first time in worldwide sales

Harley Davidson is an iconic brand but in India, the scene is not same as worldwide, some consider Royal Enfield as Harley of India, in-fact it enjoys more respect and attention than an Harley here. But it is changing, not only in India, Royal Enfield is gaining respect and love worldwide, atleast latest sales figure suggest same.

Royal Enfield on Rise - Picture - weRR

Royal Enfield on Rise – Picture – weRR

The RE has sold around 3 lakh bikes in 2014, overtaking Harley’s global sales of 2.67 lakh units. It is to be noted that both company deals in completely different segments but atleast numbers are suggesting that RE is rising worldwide. Though highest capacity bike sold by Royal Enfield currently is Continental GT with 535cc single cylinder engine producing 29.1 bhp of power at 5100 rpm whilst Harley Davidson’s smallest capacity selling bike in India is HD street 750 with 749cc V-twin engine starting at price of Rs. 432000 (approx. ex-showroom Delhi). So its not really a competition but as its in news that Royal Enfield is working on bigger capacity engines, it may help them to sell them easily as already most of the RE enthusiast are craving for more powerful engines in their bikes, even there are custom V-Twin developed from RE single cylinder engine by RE lovers.

Around 10 years back, Royal Enfield was struggling even in Domestic market but now with their more reliable UCE engine and aggressive marketing strategies, times is changing, once a British Motorcycle brand, is now truely Indian and we hope it enjoyes unforeseen success worldwide and comes up with more interesting concepts.

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