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Annual Royal Enfield ONE RIDE 2014 by Agra – weRoyal Riders

Dear Riders,

On the occasion of annual ONE RIDE, ie. first Sunday of April, weRoyal Riders Royal Enfield Riders Club of Agra is organizing a one Ride. All bullet enthusiast and lovers are invited to Join us.

One Ride is a movement which takes every year on First Sunday of April, this year its on 6th April. This ride is celebrates the proud of being an owner of Royal Enfield and is observed worldwide by Royal Enfield owners in their own distinct styles.

One Ride organized by weRoyal Riders Agra to Machkund (Dholpur)

One Ride organized by weRoyal Riders Agra to Machkund (Dholpur)

On this occasion, weRoyal Riders will Ride to Machkund which is situated in Dholpur (Raj.), it is an ancient place which gets reference in Puranas and Shri MadBhagwat. The place is named after Raja Muchkund. Raja Muchkund, the twenty fourth king of the Suryavansh is said to have reigned nineteen generations before Bhagwan Shri Ram. It has picturesque view in Aravali ranges of eastern Rajasthan. There is a Sarovar (Pond) surrounded by a series of temples of different dietes. According to legend, Raja Muchkund, was sleeping here when a demon Kaal Yaman while pursuing Bhagwan Shri Krishna, accidentally woke him up. The demon was burnt to ashes because of a divine blessing to Raja Muchkund. It is now a sacred place for pilgrims.

Below we have basic details of the Ride, to get full detail, please get in touch with concerned person.. (details given below)


  • Reporting Time : 6:30 am
  • Departure: 7:00 am
  • Venue: Shambhavi Automotive Engineers, Baluganj, Agra
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be at Dholpur
  • Expected Return time: 4:30 pm
  • Distance to be covered:130 Km (approx.)

Every Riders is requested to confirm their presence as soon as possible. Also please make sure your bike is well-tested, is in good condition and have all proper papers along with you. Not to forget safety accessories like Helment and other things.

For further detail information on this Ride, you may contact:
Mr. Rajesh : 9997772266
Mr. Khandelwal : 9927031361

Happy Riding

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