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Er. Suresh Pal Singh – SP SIR


SP Sir is the only Sexagenarian rider of WeRoyal Riders Club, and the only Indian Rider of 60 years of age to successfully finish the 1610 kms (in less than 24 hours) Iron Butt Association’s Saddle Sore Endurance Ride.

He may be old for his age, yet is the youngest at heart. He can break you in guffaw of laughter in the most tense situations, such is his sense of humour. A retired mechanical engineer from Escorts Motors, he runs his own fabrication factory.

At the young of age of 19, he bought his first STD 350 Bullet, by which he took his first solo trip from Agra to Kolkata. He never stopped riding since then.

Bikes he rides: Standard 500 UCE & Standard 350 CI
How he earns his fuel: Fabrication Factory.
Most memorable rides: Saddle Sore 2015, Spiti 2015 and RM 2015

About Himanshu Bansal

Himanshu is essentially a maverick, and a wanderer at heart. He is one of the co-founders of WeRoyal Riders Club and apart of Riding, he is also blessed with good writing and communication skills.

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