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Gujarat Police to Patrol on Polariz RZR S 800 All Terrain Vehicle

If news to be believed, soon Gujarat Police will get high tech ATV to patrol the hard to reach terrains and remote areas otherwsie those are unaccessible on normal vehicle and have hard time reaching even on a 4 x 4 vehicle.

Polaris RZR -S 800 ATV  for Gujarat Polic.

Polaris RZR -S 800 ATV for Gujarat Polic.

As per the official press release by the company, Polaris has informed that they have received the first commercial order in India from Gujarat government to provide their RZR S 800 off-roader / ATV to the Gujarat police to improve their patrolling in hard to reach areas areas and terrain. As per the contract company will also provide maintenance, after sales support and on and off site training for their ATVs to the Gujarat Police.

The Polaris RZR S 800 is a tandem ATV which is an hybrid of ATVs those are supposed to be made for one rider which handlebar but Polaris ATVs are more like crossover with space for one driver and one passenger. Driver and passenger rides in comfort as they have adjustable and interchangeable bucket seats, plus adjustable passenger handrail. Comfortable driver operation is enhanced by tilt steering with a wide range of motion (10″). This vehicle comes with Certified Roll-Over Protective Structure for extra protection.

This machine is powered by 4 stroke twin cylinder 760cc eingine producing 54bhp of power supported by electronic fuel injection system.

There is no information about the quantity of vehicle ordered by Government and at what price, though in international market, its a costly stuff and if we do direct conversion to Indian rupee then it will cost somewhere Rs. 8 lacs to 9 lacs per unit in India (let apart the import duties etc. ) Though the move looks nice, it will be interesting to see how this goes in long run for any Police department in India.

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