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    • Harshpal Singh Sethi

      Harsh Harsh is an epitome of pure Sikhs. A father of twin daughters, he is a simple minded religious family man, that every wife dreams of. An avid listener of Punjabi music, he is a budding

    • June 21 Meetup and Short Ride Report

      Friends, as you remember, few days back we had a meetup which was supposed to be WORLD MOTORCYCLE RIDE DAY, we took the opportunity and planned a short ride cum meet-up. As planned in Meetup

    • Annual International Helmet Awareness Day(IHAD) -12 July 2015

      Helmets are integral part of riding, they are as important as fuel in your bike but people consider them just as another accessory for bike. A true Rider understand its value but yet we see many ,

    • New Nissan Datsun Go Specifications and Details Revealed

      After days of teasing, sketches of the upcoming car from Nissan under their brand Datsun has been finally revealed as Datsun Go which will be an entry level hatchback from Nissan to take on the entry