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Ride:Riding 2 Strokes, 4 Strokes and for Paint Strokes

Motorcyclists world over are usually found indulging in talks about motorcycles, engine technology, tyre compounds, oil tech and the likes. The avid members of WeRoyal Riders hailing from different professional backgrounds are no different.

However, for a change the club’s members will get to understand and experience paint strokes, instead of an engine’s 2 stroke or 4 stroke technology.

Sabya Sachi Ghosh with his Artwork

Sabya Sachi Ghosh with his Artwork

One of the most active members of the group, Sabya Sachi Ghosh, who runs his own educational institute for financially challenged kids, is a self taught painter of a very high caliber. Highly inspired by Salvador Dali, the great Spanish painter, Sabya Sachi is exhibiting 40 of his best works, in a solo exhibition named “World of My Own”

The exhibition is taking place at India’s finest location known to art connoisseurs, the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre at Delhi, from the 25th to 31st August 2014.

The members of WeRoyal Riders Club will be riding to Delhi this Sunday 31st August 2014 to appreciate and encourage this young upcoming artist.

Details are below:

Date : Aug 31, 2014
Day : Sunday
Reporting time : 5:00 am
Reporting Venue: Speed Colour Lab
Return time : Evening around 8:00 pm

Sabya Riding his Classic.

Sabya Riding his Classic.

Story about Sabya in press media for his exhibition.

Story about Sabya in press media for his exhibition.

For everyone who is willing to join us need to confirm their participation by Saturday, their is NO participation or entry fee. For more information on this ride, you may contact:
Mr. Rajesh : 9997772266
Mr. Khandelwal : 9927031361.

For more activities of our club, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Gplus and Instgram channels.

Thank you.
weRoyal Riders
The Humanitarian Motorcycle Club

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