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    • Harshpal Singh Sethi

      Harsh Harsh is an epitome of pure Sikhs. A father of twin daughters, he is a simple minded religious family man, that every wife dreams of. An avid listener of Punjabi music, he is a budding

    • SP SIR, Accomplishes the Saddle Sore 1000 Miles

      Gunning for Glory with a Bullet: When he took his first long distance motorcycle trip from Agra to Kolkata on a Royal Enfield Motorcycle at the age of 19, little did he realize that his passion

    • Himanshu Bansal – HB

      Himanshu Bansal About Himanshu Bansal Himanshu is essentially a maverick, and a wanderer at heart. He is one of the co-founders of WeRoyal Riders Club. Motorcycles were declared a taboo in

    • 1965 250cc Royal Enfield Continental GT and Modern 2013 GT- History and Comparison

      Today I will share some of the facts and figure about the original Continental GT of 1965 from Royal Enfield as well will discuss about the current Continental GT 535cc. So, as we all know Royal