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weRoyal Riders at Surkuti Blind School, Ketham, Agra

We are all about Riding together, exploring world on our beloved Royal Enfield and we are “weRoyal Riders” though Riding brought us together but we Riders also share passion to serve the society whenever possible. Apart of riding we regularly organize social work and related activities. Once such was concluded recently at Surkuti Blind School, Keetham , Agra. It was series of activities, competition for blind students of school and then lunch was also arranged by weRoyal Riders for student.

It was beautiful day, at 6:30 am, riders started to make preparation for the day. Since its raining and monsoon these days, everything was so green and calm, ofcourse slippery too.

Then there were series of activities, while some student participated in Essay Writing Competition, others were busy in singing competition. Mostly student here are blind or partially blind and belongs to the lower or backward classes of society.

It was very beautiful day, there was also a cricket match organized for the blind student with their special ball which makes sound as you roll it. They played it with very high spirit, generally one of the batsman is partially blind while other is fully blind.

While we all busy with all such activities, meanwhile some of the group members took out some moments to get some snap clicked. It was really nice and peaceful place.

Riders also interacted with head master and some teachers of the school and gained knowledge about BRAILLE language.

And finally it was lunch time, it was a delicious menu enjoyed by students as well as riders too who also ate along with these students.

It was our pleasure to serve these disabled children. In future we hope to be associated with them in one or other way as well as helping them out whenever they need us.

Pictures by : Mohsin Hasan, Amit James David

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He is the tech guy of our club, person behind online presence of weRR Club and all those fancy stuffs. A professional coder. If he is not working, nor riding, probably he is in Gym messing with weights.

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