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Drive your super car in Buddha International Formula 1 Racing Track

If you are an auto enthusiast then there is an amazing opportunity provided by Buddha International F1 Race Circuit to drive a car like a professional racer on the track. Yes, you hear it right, now there is a service available for Indians to test and feel the racing circuit which maintains a high level of international standards and can be dream for any serious Auto Enthusiast to drive his car over here.

Volkswagen GT TDI at Buddha  International Circuit

Volkswagen GT TDI at Buddha International Circuit

Buddh International Circuit allows to you drive the Volkswagen Polo race cars in its premises with certain packages. If you have high end car and you want to feel it then you can visit the racing track between 9am to 6pm on Saturdays and can buy various packages of various denominations. However, if you do not own a car or your car is strictly a passenger then still you can enjoy the track. The management provide Volkswagen Polo Cup TDI which is an all sports version. To make it sporty and professional racer’s affair, the car has lightweight bucket seats which have been used instead of normal seats along with motor sport roll cage. Other features of the Volkswagen Polo Cup TDI include an output of 130 bhp, 6 speed + 1 manual transmission and Sachs racing suspension. Overall, the car is peppy and powerful considering its size and you can actually feel the joy of a racing on this track.

This venture has been started in association with Volkswagen Motorsport India, which will allow people to come to the circuit, hire the vehicle and choose from different packages available. The packages starts from Rs. 4500 in which you can have a taxi ride with professional for 3 laps , this is preferred and safest way to taste the circuit for first timer. However, if you are experienced enough then there are self service packages starting from Rs. 5000 for 5 laps drive. Other packages includes 30 minute self service drive at Rs. 10000 and if you really want to enjoy it for hour long then there is Rs. 15000 packages valid for 1 hour.

Once you reach the track, you will be guided by professionals, you will be given all technical knowledge you may need about this track. Also, you will have option to get dressed as professional racer using all gears and gadgets of real racer.

Hopefully many will enjoy this opportunity, so when you are going for it ?

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